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Social Work Ethics in an Electronic Age

March 30, 2018 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  $65.00

Instant electronic communication is a pervasive influence in the modern world and will only grow more influential in the years to come.  The realities of this mode of communication has resulted in the NASW revising its Code of Ethics in 2017 to explicitly address the ethical implications of cyber communication for social work practice.  However, the underlying core values, purpose, principles and standards that guide the ethical use of cyber technology have remained the same since the Code was approved in 1996.  In turn, these values and principles themselves have echoed throughout human history and have been captured in writing in one form or another for at least twenty-five centuries.  This workshop will utilize the NASW Code of Ethics as the primary source document and will focus particularly on discussing how the 2017 revisions addressing the use of technology are applied in practice.  We will “ground” the discussion by looking at how these modern and ever-evolving ethical issues relate to universal and timeless standards of ethical behavior that have guided humanity itself for over two millennia.  Finally, we will discuss real-life practice issues that Social Workers face when using technology in their practice, noting in particular how technology interfaces with the Social work value of Social Justice.  The goal of doing all of this is to help practitioners both increase cognitive awareness of how to maintain an ethical practice, and to foster an experience of personal and professional fulfillment that can come from maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct.

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Presented by:

David Ware, LMSW ACSW

The Experience of Chronic Pain - Skills and Care Plans

March 30, 2018 2 pm to 4 pm $35

Course will cover an explanation of pain, and real life experience of living with chronic pain. Skills for mindfulness, coping with grief and coming to acceptance with pain as a part of daily life will be presented. Pain management self care plans for daily living with chronic pain will be developed and discussed.

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Presented by:

Amy Hines, MA LLP LMSW